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Why we need to shut down our Inner Critic now! Nida & Roohi

Our Inner Critic can play a major part in our every day lives if we don’t address it. It will sit comfortably within us discouraging our efforts, criticising our every move and belittling us until our self esteem is at an ever low. This can have a negative impact on our goals and…

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Boost your Motivation and Productivity 6: Choose Positivity over Pessimism. BGR

We all know that life isn’t always a bed of roses. Whatever successes we set out to achieve will come with its many failures. There will be downs as well as ups. Hardships as well as ease. And bad times as well as good times. What’s important is that we understand all this…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 3: Set yourself up to win- BGN

It is so easy to be dragged down by your mistakes, or see your failures manifest into something bigger than just learning experiences. We often set goals not for ourselves, but in line with expectations others place on us or what we percieve to be the ideal life. We see hashtags of “relationship…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 1. Visualise yourself as you want to be!

Some people ooze with self-confidence to the point that you can see it dripping off them and often we wish we could carry ourselves the way they do. A good way to start this series is by reading our “simple ways to build your self esteem” blogs! Nobody is gifted with self-confidence, nor…

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Lessons of a Heartbreak 8: This is not the end, it is just the start of something new!

We cannot place our identity with the connection of others. Yes, our background, culture, environment, family, etc is part of who we are but we are all unique to who we want to be. And we cannot expect others to complete who we are that needs to come from within. Loving others is…

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Self Love Journey Lesson 1- “I am enough”. By BGN

You should never look for your self worth in people, relationships, careers or the “idea” of where you should be in life. Everyones journey in life is unique and different. Every experience, heartache and challenge shapes you and makes you who you are. There are no deadlines of when things should happen or…

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