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Boost your Motivation and Productivity 6: Choose Positivity over Pessimism. BGR

We all know that life isn’t always a bed of roses. Whatever successes we set out to achieve will come with its many failures. There will be downs as well as ups. Hardships as well as ease. And bad times as well as good times. What’s important is that we understand all this…

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Boost your Motivation and Productivity 4: The balance between work, rest and play. BGR

While it is important to stay motivated and to use your time efficiently as possible, we all know that our productivity as well as our energy, and the desire we have fluctuates. We cannot be continuously energetic nor will be being a constant couch potato benefit us in the long run. Doing too…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 12. Perform behaviour experiment. BGR

It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing anything that you feel is too challenging. For example in a business meeting it’s so much easier to tell yourself that the amazing new idea you have thought of doesn’t need to be spoken about rather than actually speaking up about it. Or…

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Ways to boost your self confidence. 4 Focus on ‘did it list’ rather than ‘to do list’. BGR

‘Things that need to be done, should be done” As important as it is to consistently have goals and aims in life, to be organised and set daily, weekly, and even yearly targets, we need to remember that not only should they be achievable but they should be done as soon as possible….

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Self Love Journey Lesson 2 “I am amazing” – BGR

For too long our flaws and what we lack have been the main focus point within and surrounding our society. An unattainable archetype ideology of what we should be has us believe that 1, we will never be good enough and 2, we should always be striving for something we can never achieve….

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