Ways to boost your self confidence. 4 Focus on ‘did it list’ rather than ‘to do list’.

‘Things that need to be done, should be done”

As important as it is to consistently have goals and aims in life, to be organised and set daily, weekly, and even yearly targets, we need to remember that not only should they be achievable but they should be done as soon as possible.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Boost your confidence be a doer not a thinker’ BGR

Having things to do and then getting them done allows us to feel good about completing tasks and when we shift our attention on what we have done rather what there is yet to do, it helps us feel a little more accomplished.

This can then lead to the desire and motivation of getting more things done, so if you have something you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting it off, jump the bandwagon and do it.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Boost your confidence focus, highlight and direct on the “did it” rather than “to do”‘ BGR

Too often we lack self confidence when we think of all that we have not achieved, things we believe we should do/want to do to feel better about ourselves but have not had the chance to actually getting them done.

It really is as simple as doing things for yourself, for your self confidence is something you need to work on from within.

We can be envious of others’ self confidence and they may be able to show us what works for them but true confidence is having the ability to see for yourself for who you truly are.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Boost your self confidence get s*#t done!’ BGR

You need to accept and celebrate your individuality, place your trust in you and and then work on that.

And one of the most effective way of working on you is by setting things you have deemed worthy or important for yourself as targets, and having them done rather then leaving them as willed desire and nothing more.

So what exactly are you waiting for?

Your self confidence lies in you, get things done and embrace it, you’ve got this!

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R xXx

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