Ways to boost your self confidence 7: Preparation is Key!-

You are more likely to have low self-confidence and listen to that niggling voice of self-doubt when you venture into something new.

If you are not well prepared for that job interview, first day at work, meeting new clients, visiting someones family or even going off on an adventure to a new country your confidence levels will be on shaky grounds.

Being ill-prepared in unknown territory or not brushing up on your knowledge skills before taking on something new can shake even the most self-assured persons confidence!

Bullet Journal Style quote: ” Boost your self-confidence, Preparation is key!- By BGN

Therefore it is important to remember that preparation is key!

Preparing yourself with knowledge about whatever is next on your ‘to tackle’ list mentally gives you a boost and does wonders for your confidence and the way you carry yourself.

Practice facing your fears by focusing on the ones that you know stem from self-doubt. If you are scared to try something because you think you will make a mess of things or embarrass yourself, give it a go anyway. Don’t mentally set yourself up for failure.

Bullet Journal Style quote: ” Boost your self-confidence, Don’t mentally set yourself up for failure! By BGN

Practice your speech or presentation in front of your friends and family until you feel more confident.

Practice a new skill until you get better at it.

Read up on a new subject before going to class, do background research on the company before going in for an interview.

Bullet Journal Style quote: ” Boost your self-confidence, embrace self-doubt- By BGN

You owe it to yourself to try new things and be open to new experiences. You won’t always be prepared for every situation or be fully confident no matter how much you prepare and that is ok too.

Learn to embrace self-doubt and go for it anyway, take the leap of faith and push yourself out of your comfort zone and into scary territories otherwise you might not get to the places you’re destined to be!

reflect. love. heal always.

Brown Girl N


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