Why we need to shut down our Inner Critic now! Nida & Roohi

Our Inner Critic can play a major part in our every day lives if we don’t address it.

It will sit comfortably within us discouraging our efforts, criticising our every move and belittling us until our self esteem is at an ever low.

This can have a negative impact on our goals and aspirations and as a result our self esteem and confidence.

It can influence our outlook to life, play on our fears and anxieties and create self doubt.

Living with the imposter syndrome can be challenging and at times even debilitating.

We know first hand as women how much our inner critic can impact our lives and we wanted to ensure that we could help others minimise this impact.

It is important that we show others how they help themselves, giving them the skills and tools to overcome their inner critic by creating a step by step guide to shutting it down!

Our vision to create fun, engaging and interactive programmes that support, inspire, uplift and empower women is well under way and we are offering a taster of these programmes through our Introductory Webinars (linked below).

Online “roohi And Nida” Events | Eventbrite

We want you to recognise that everything you need is within you and once you embrace your amazing abilities and strengths you will truly be unstoppable!

We also believe in the importance of overcoming challenges in steps, through understanding and then applying what you know to yourself.

Our introductory programmes give you an insight into understanding your inner critic in depth, where it may have come from, how you can begin to separate from it in a practical and fun way and the steps we know that work!

We share our own experiences, stories and provide an engaging and fun experience for you to embark on with other likeminded women.

Our full programme takes you through the fool proof four step guide to shut down you inner critic and put it in its place! If you would like to know more or would like a chat about what it involves and if it is the right fit for you please complete the form below:

Free 20 mins 1-2-1 Consultation 09/12/2020 – Google Forms

Our in depth guide shows you how to Identify the inner critic, separate from it, Respond to it and shut it down!

So far we have had amazing feedback, and we have been absolutely thrilled and excited to see how it has helped women of a range of ages and backgrounds, what they will take from it and pass on.

We also have the introduction to Part two of our Confident Empowered women: Breaking Barriers to Success running which is also a great way to understand your barriers in depth, what they mean and how they might be holding you back.

The events are held online so book your places on eventbrite as this will be the last of the introductions for now and we would love to connect with you in a fun engaging environment.

Online “roohi And Nida” Events | Eventbrite

We are so proud of our journey so far but are also looking forward to all that the future has yet to bring.

Our aim is to Nurture your uniqueness through Empowerment!

We have learnt so much from you all and have so much to give!

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Nida & Roohi


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